My debit card no longer works – Quick Loans

My debit card no longer works – Quick Loans

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It’s Friday afternoon. This morning you still worked and this afternoon you are free. The weekend is just around the corner and you have agreed to meet your friends tonight in the city to usher in the old-fashioned weekend. Good preparation is half the battle and you drive by the cash machine to pick up some pecunia. After all, a night out can cost a little and nothing is so annoying to be without money. But then you suddenly notice: My debit card no longer works .

My debit card no longer works

Credit cards

You put your debit card in the cash machine and almost immediately the message appears: “You cannot withdraw money with this card. Contact your bank. ” Well that hits, luckily it’s only 2:00 PM and the bank is still open. You tell your bank employee your story and he tells you that you have exceeded the limit on your account. You are not aware of any harm, but it appears that an amount has been automatically debited. An amount that you had not taken into account, but which must definitely be paid.

I can’t do anything for you

I can

This is the answer to your question about whether the bank cannot raise your limit for a moment. After all, you don’t have a payslip with you and borrow money for a night out, we don’t do that of course. Disappointed, you leave and think about canceling your night out. The evening that you have been looking forward to for so long. You have already borrowed money from your friends and to do that again …. no.

The solution

The solution

Where there is a shortage of money, the mini loan is near! When you get home you quickly start the laptop and go to the internet. You can take out this loan quickly and easily here. A mini loan, or flash loan, is meant to borrow amounts up to 800 euros quickly, easily and without a BKR test or complex contracts. You walk through the screens and you know almost immediately whether your application has been approved.

Fast approval money

In fact, when your application is approved, you often have all the money in your account within an hour. With a mini loan, you often have to repay this money between thirty and forty five days. That’s no problem, because then your salary will be paid again. The interest you pay is often not too bad, given the low loan amount and the short duration of the mini loan. In short, the solution for you and your evening out can also go well …. toast !!

Other reason for refusing a debit card

It is of course also possible that your bank card no longer works because it is damaged or that there is a malfunction at the bank where you are trying to debit at that moment. Then it is best to check with the bank that you have on the website whether a malfunction has been reported. But you can also look at, where you will find an overview of a large number of companies (not just banks), where you can quickly see whether the bank where you want to pin has a malfunction. You don’t shoot much further with it, but then you know what it is.

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