Australian travel and tourism brands are increasing their digital ad spend, says Pathmatics

Australia’s travel and tourism sector has arguably been one of the industries hardest hit by border closures, so the February 7 international travel announcement was welcomed.

Now, new data from digital marketing intelligence platform, Pathmatics, has revealed which brands have increased their digital ad spend since the announcement.

The study showed that there was a marked increase in digital ad spend after the announcement, largely on Facebook ads.

Brands – especially aviation and cruise brands – were quick to jump on the news, sharing creative encourage consumers to book trips abroad.


However, Pathmatics said it had yet to see accommodation brands such as Airbnb or, or major airlines such as Qantas and Virgin take advantage of the welcome news, likely due to the short timelines to pivot their existing marketing strategies.

Pathmatics Australia and New Zealand regional director Eugene Du Plessis commented on the data: “It has been a long time coming, but the Australian travel and tourism industry can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The reopening of borders will reinvigorate much needed life in what was a struggling sector and brands in this industry will work hard to pivot their marketing strategies to take advantage of the news.

“I don’t think many Australians will need convincing to book a vacation, but I certainly expect to see digital ad spend in this category skyrocket through the rest of February and beyond. Competition for airlines and accommodation brands will be fierce and at Pathmatics we will be tracking which brands are advertising what and where to capture the attention of these consumers eager to go overseas.

Digital ad spend in travel and tourism February 7-14, 2022

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