Data and tech firm moves 3,800 servers to Maine, plans new headquarters in Lewiston

The new home of data and technology company Dynamics at 777 Main St. in Lewiston. Daryn Slover/Sun Diary

LEWISTON — A Colorado data and technology company is making Lewiston its new headquarters, moving 3,800 servers from locations across the country and aiming to create 40 to 50 jobs by the end of the year.

Company director Bill Stewart said the company, Dynamics, was drawn here by the space, an experienced call center workforce and the cold.

“The machines generate heat, so in Maine you have a good climate – half the year it’s a temperature where you don’t need to have a secondary cooling system and, of course , the summers are beautiful here,” he said on Thursday. .

Dynamics leased 30,533 square feet at 777 Main Street for its local operations, finding the site through Frank Carr at Maine Realty Advisors.

Stewart said the company, which provides data management and hosting, was founded in Colorado in 2009 and currently has servers in places including Georgia and Las Vegas.

Some customer needs stop at websites and some require layers of security and private servers. Stewart said he first looked into the condition after securing a space inside an old naval building at Brunswick Landing.

This high-end security center “has eye retina scanners, bank vault doors, like something out of the movies,” he said. “We have 3,800 clients that we house across the country. Since our arrival in September, we have migrated these servers. The Brunswick facility did not have the full capacity we needed, although it had security, which is what got us to Lewiston.

Lewiston will be home to the sales, marketing and development departments, as well as the servers. Dynamics will also host some servers in Oxford.

“A lot of our business revolves around customer service, so we also have a pretty strong inbound and outbound sales department; we have people calling, they might want a website,” Stewart said. Lewiston is a “hub of people who used to work in different call centers for different companies, so there is a vast level of experience that we can potentially leverage in the area, good local talent. It’s one of the reasons we’re really excited about Lewiston. We run the servers and maintain them for our customers, but we need to continue to generate revenue. »

He hopes to hire the first 25 employees by the end of the first quarter, a mix of salespeople and programmers.

Stewart said Dynamics works with all industries, although around 40% of customers are in construction and around 30% in retail operations.

“A lot of times we come in and we’re like the tech whisperer, ‘You can do this, you can do that, we’ll help you figure that out. This is what constitutes your bottleneck for your business, let’s identify it,” he said.

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