Estelle debuted on the official Interstella Rover website

INTERSTELLAR ROVER official website shows that Estelle has been limited to 1,000 units and debuted on INTERSTELLAR ROVER official website, which will be one of the first NFTs hit in the INTERSTELLAR RIVER market.

The NFT trend has undoubtedly swept the world. Ever since the “Bored Ape” series was hailed by countless gamers last year, the NFT ecology has shown a meteoric growth trend. The Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT series is owned by a growing number of entertainment and sports celebrities including rap superstar Eminem, talk show host Jimmy Fallon, NBA stars Stephen Curry and Shaq O’Neal , high-profile investors like Mark Cuban, and musicians like Marshmello and Post Malone, NFTs continue to make waves in mainstream media.

At the same time, another interesting area on the rise, which is GameFi (Game Finance). When traditional games are added to the blockchain, a long-term puzzle can be solved: the worlds, treasures and equipment that players have spent a lot of effort building in-game can be resold online by throwing NFTs. Circulate and create value. In addition, the game industry can also attract players by issuing game-specific tokens and can use it to raise funds to improve the game. The game platform encourages players to participate in the game in the sense of “playing to win”, this is called gamified finance.

For most players or investors in crypto assets, it may be a good idea to choose to participate in a hot chain game quickly to make a profit. According to statistics from DappRadar, in 2021 there will be more than 544 GameFi game type apps, which can be considered an increase from 200 in the previous year, and it is increasing every month. Around the world, countless gold-making studios have also been established, gamers have joined GameFi one after another, and earning money by playing games has become a reality.

At the end of January 2022, Benjamin Pansy led his DAO organization to complete the first phase of development of the “Interstellar Rover”. Star Wanderer is a metaverse game that integrates mining, DeFi and NFT. Among them, the universal currency of the metaverse, TNS, is used to motivate users to explore the world of interstellar rovers. Users can earn TNS rewards by mining on the lands of various planets; rent rovers to earn commissions; commit TNS to participate in the governance of the DAO, affecting the TNS distribution of planets; participate in the competition leaderboards to get additional TNS and NFT revenue, etc. Over time more gameplay will be introduced.

The following will briefly introduce the gameplay and rules of the game “Interstellar Rover”. Readers can refer to it objectively and judge the potential of Interstellar Rover and whether to play or not.

NFT Development: Interstellar Rover offers players a rich development system. All NFT assets in the game have development items, which constitute the NFT development system from the three dimensions of level, evolution stage, and star rating.

The first phase of “Interstellar Rover” will launch five rovers one after another, these are Estelle, Elgon, Sylvia, Loki and Garen. All rovers are limited editions and players can get limited rovers by participating in the official presale. Additionally, Interstellar Rover provides players with an open trading market, where players can trade their rovers and earn profits.

Planet mining: There are five planets in the interstellar rovers world, they are Mars, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. The rover can dig the corresponding star stone when it travels to each planet. As the value of player contribution increases, players will be able to send rovers to higher level planets, and higher level planets can mine higher level Starstones, which can be exchanged for TNS Eco Tokens.

TNS Token: TNS is a value token and a functional token circulating in the ecosystem of the interstellar rover. It will provide support for exchange transactions and other support for NFT game items or accessories in Star Wanderer. Provide superior liquidity for ecology and realize the token incentives of the games. The total amount of TNS is 1000000000, of which 80% of the production is mined by rovers, 7% will be IEO on the TIMEBANK exchange, 3% will be rewarded by the INTERSTELLAE ROVER community, and the remaining 10% will be reserved for the TNS Foundation. As the game stage continues, the difficulty of extracting the rover will continue to increase. Therefore, the earlier the player participates in the game, the higher the return to player rate.

The specific release time of the other four rovers is subject to INTERSTELLAE ROVER announcement. In the upcoming Interstellar Rover, rovers with different attributes such as “Meteor-level Rover”, “Stellar Rover”, and “Guild Rover” will be launched for players to choose from.

Now the recording activity of INTERSTELLAE ROVER continues. Players invite friends to join the game and they can get contribution value rewards.


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