Expanded INFLCR-Atlantic Records Partnership Paves the Way for NIL Music Deals

Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) agreements go beyond major agreements with top athletes. An interesting part of the space is that companies are working to connect brands to a broader database of athletes so they can find those with interests that are particularly aligned with what they market, and work. to allow these athletes to determine which brands might be interested in a partnership. with them. INFLCR, brand management and business building firm NIL, has been active in this space, working with over 3,000 teams and 64,000 student-athletes to date and launching partnerships like the one with Blue Wire to facilitate the implementation of NIL compliance. podcasts. Their latest effort on this is an extension of their already existing partnership with Atlantic Records, an extension which was announced this week.

The new partnership will pave the way for Atlantic to reach specific student-athletes on the INFLCR Global Exchange who might be a good fit to promote particular upcoming music. This is the first such partnership that the INFLCR has entered into with a music company. Here’s more about it from an INFLCR release:

The INFLCR Global Exchange will allow direct communication between the Atlantic and student-athletes through our messaging system, allowing the Atlantic to come up with specific recordings to promote for specific INFLCR users. Through their INFLCR app, student-athletes will learn details about promotion requirements and have access to file sharing.

“Our original partnership with Atlantic Records has given our customers a competitive edge when it comes to content,” said INFLCR Founder Jim Cavale. “With Atlantic’s entry into the Global Exchange, that advantage is passed on to our student-athletes. It’s an exciting way to connect the sports and entertainment industry in this new NIL era.

Atlantic using INFLCR opens the door to more connection between the sports and collegiate entertainment industry. A new wave of musicians are turning to athletes to help promote new songs. In the fall of 2021, Atlantic’s vice president of digital marketing and sports partnerships, Justin Grant, approached the INFLCR with the idea of ​​promoting some of the label’s priority releases. The need helped shape the Global Exchange to what it is today, and now Atlantic can use a turnkey system to promote its artists.

Grant said, “I am delighted that we are joining the INFLCR Global Exchange program. There is such a strong natural connection between our world of music and the world of sport, and this will help us to strengthen that connection. This partnership will be very beneficial for our artists, and I am delighted that we are getting started and working together. »

Here is a video they released about it:

It is interesting on several levels. One is the database aspect of the partnership, which could help Atlantic find more genuine partnerships here, by reaching out to student-athletes who are already fans of particular artists rather than student-athletes who happen to be big names. Another notable part of this is how this grew out of a content partnership; even before NIL, INFLCR had deals with companies like Atlantic Records, Turner Sports, USA Today, and Reuters for permitted uses of music, highlights, and images (a big deal considering how many school accounts have violates social media copyright restrictions on music licensing). And now it turns into not just athletes being able to use that music, but in some cases getting it early and getting paid to promote it.


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