Farfetch Launches Digital Marketing Academy With Multiverse



Online luxury fashion retail platform Farfetch is teaming up with tech start-up Multiverse to launch a digital marketing academy and recruit its first apprentice in London.

The move aims to improve Farfetch’s digital marketing skills, as apprentices will benefit from one-on-one coaching with an industry expert as well as hands-on experience. The program will cover data discussion and analysis techniques, as well as data science, including Python and an introduction to machine learning.

Natalie Matalon, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition Strategy at Farfetch, said in a statement, “We are excited to enhance our digital marketing skills at Farfetch. The launch of the new learning program with the support of Multiverse demonstrates Farfetch’s commitment to attracting and developing diverse talent.

“Applications are now open to young professionals from our community from all walks of life, interested in the future of fashion and technology, to join our groundbreaking team here at Farfetch. “

The recruitment process will target non-London graduates, explained Multiverse, who has experience placing candidates from a variety of backgrounds into high-level positions.

The training will be delivered by Multiverse, a tech start-up focused on high-quality education and training through a unique professional learning model. The company announced the closing of a US $ 44 million Series B funding round earlier this year and has tripled the number of apprentices trained to 3,000 in the past twelve months.

Jeremy Duggan, President of Multiverse, added: “Apprenticeship is the best way for companies to access diverse and talented young professionals early in their careers. An apprenticeship allows them to acquire new skills, climb the career ladder and access the best and most exciting careers, whatever their background. We are excited to be working with Farfetch to bring talented apprentices into their business.

Farfetch’s investment in the new digital marketing academy goes through the apprenticeship tax.


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