Fincons Group launches AllRights, a unique and comprehensive rights management solution for the evolving needs of the media industry

This unique solution addresses the urgent market demand for a single, centralized enterprise view of content rights that matches their seamless approach to content. AllRights is a unique and modular solution, based on an extremely comprehensive set of core features, combined with value-added incremental features that leverage AI, ML, innovative data-driven tools as well as a flexible technical layer and modern.

From a technological point of view, the solution is highly configurable, cloud-native and offered in SaaS mode with optional multitenancy. Most importantly, AllRights offers a unique range of features to meet the needs of emerging markets. Particular emphasis has been placed on providing a contemporary user interface, focusing on a smooth and intuitive user experience inspired by that of modern B2C applications.

Growing competition for viewers is fragmenting viewership and making the battle for valuable and engaging content increasingly difficult, especially given the high cost of new content. Add to that the fact that the rights available are limited, and you can see why many major players in the industry are shifting their business model from content acquisition to content production. Similarly, M&A strategies are multiplying with the aim of enriching the catalog of content, reducing overheads and gaining market share.

As a result, the traditional divisions between buyers and sellers are blurring with companies representing the producer, the seller and even the buyer depending on the context. The content value chain and associated business models have never been so fluid.

“Now all content distributors, content producers, content aggregators, broadcasters can all access the same capabilities when they change roles in the value chain,” explains Alberto NieroGeneral Manager Global Business Unit Media at Fincons Group, “Unlike legacy systems which were designed with only the requirements of a specific player in the channel in mind and struggle to adapt when used by others actors, this tool is designed to be fluid and meet the needs of today’s multimedia actors supporting all kinds of transactions and needs.”

AllRights supports the full exploitation of content rights in a business outcome driven paradigm, with a user-friendly configurable environment, and introducing a set of smart features, such as NLP-based automated contract import, to capture relevant terms and conditions in content license agreements, helping to speed up the process and reduce manual data entry errors.

“This latest solution is a natural evolution of our experience in the media industry. Over the years, Fincons has collected and interpreted the feedback and insights provided by its media clients and invested in the development and research of new technologies to help to meet their emerging needs. We look forward to our customers discovering how much easier and more cost-effective their content rights management can become.” Francesco MorettiGlobal Deputy CEO & CEO International at Fincons Group.

About Fincons Group

With 2,000 employees worldwide and 39 years of experience, Fincons is an award-winning IT consultancy, providing a wide range of strategy, digital, technology and operations services and solutions to a wide range of industries. In the media sector, the Group maintains long-term and successful relationships with Tier 1 customers, providing ICT solutions and services covering the entire digital supply chain, from rights management, programming, data-driven production, metadata management to asset management, advertising. , Digital Services, OTT and NextGenTV. Fincons has offices in the United States (New York, Los Angeles, Austin), UK (London), Italy (Milano, RomeBari, Verona, Catania), Swiss (Lugano, Bern, ZürichKussnacht am Rigi), Germany (Munich) and in France (Paris, Lyons).

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