Five Reasons Promotions Are Your Brand’s Best Secret Weapon

The winner of the Promotional category of the Drum Awards for Marketing 2022 – sponsored by PromoVeritas – was a Chilean agency for a promotion that raised awareness and funds for poor townships in Latin America. The runner-up was a crazy Heinz promotion giving away 500 boxes of Christmas Dinner Big Soup.

A world apart, but both entries demonstrated the power of promotional activation to achieve measured goals, and at the same time win hearts and minds with strong emotional content. Promotions are incredibly adaptable; they can be playful or meaningful, they can be about launching new products or beating the competition, or they can increase sales or create awareness. You can organize a raffle, a contest, an instant win, a loyalty program or a public vote. Whatever the brief, the beauty of promotions is that they can be tailored to a budget, timeframe, and target audience.

Consumers increasingly want more fun and value – something promotions can deliver to positive effect

For many marketers, promotions can be seen as a “good deal” tactic, but that would be a mistake. First, when times get tough – as they are beginning to do – consumers want more and more fun and value, which promotions can deliver to greater effect. Second, with the advent of digital marketing and the globalization of campaigns, promotions can be a winning way to stand out while achieving significant savings. Planned and executed well, a promotion can be the touchpoint that generates activation with consumers, and there is a success-generating promotional mechanism to fit every brand and campaign. The challenge is to choose the right one.

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Let’s take a look at why brands and their agencies should give promotions a chance to contribute to a brand’s success – either as a solus activation or as part of a larger campaign:

1. Promotions can achieve a specific marketing objective

They’re not called “sales promotions” for nothing. They increase sales. These days, whether you want to build a database, increase subscribers, or entice consumers to try a new flavor or brand, a promotion can be designed and implemented to meet any objective. – and, more importantly, it can be measured up close.

2. Delight your customers for relatively little

At PromoVeritas, we make hundreds of lucky winners every day. Part of our business is contacting winners and sending them their prizes. The excitement and delight of these winners is running high, and many of them will be brand ambassadors for life. An advertising campaign can be high-profile, but it is passive, whereas a promotion creates active, positive engagement with the brand and can be a much more effective and direct way to build loyalty and deepen relationships with consumers.

3. Effectively reach other markets

Well-thought-out promotion can be an effective and powerful way to move your brand into other markets and territories. Consider partnering with brands already targeting these new consumers or taking the brand overseas. Executed correctly and in a compliant manner, a promotion can transcend borders and be a cost-effective way to spread your message and create online and in-store visibility around the world; we just helped Amazon launch its epic Prime Day Sweepstakes promotion, which will award over $24 million in prizes worldwide while empowering small businesses.

4. Maximize your partnerships with other brands

We all know that the sum of two brands exceeds the value of each individual brand – provided they are selected carefully. Add promotion into the mix and you have a dynamite way to encourage customers to engage with both brands and meet any goal.

5. Make your brand irresistible

Nothing stands out on a supermarket shelf or social media post like the word “Win” or “Free.” Don’t be afraid to be bold. Our brains are wired to seek out rewards and when one is identified it releases dopamine creating a powerful desire for the ‘carrot’ in front of us.

At PromoVeritas, we run thousands of promotions every year. As a result, we have an endless amount of data and information telling us what kind of promotions people are excited about, what they want to win, and how they want to participate. Precisely creating the right promotion for your purpose and your brand can trigger a form of magic with your consumers, whether they enter a TikTok dance contest, submit a unique code online or post a photo of their breakfast on Instagram.

A promotion should be part of any large-scale marketing campaign aimed at increasing sales, whether big or small. You’ll get a massive amount of brand positivity, plus trackable results and engagement. What is essential is that they are planned and executed correctly to avoid errors, financial risks and non-compliance with the rules. So why not try one? You might just be onto a winner.

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