How a mortgage-focused agency was launched to make an impact

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Aug. 16, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — In the heart of Indianapolis, Indiana is a marketing agency that helps mortgage lenders and technology overcome obstacles, develop marketing strategies and grow their business. This agency is Art Vs. Math. In 2019, Steven Cooley launched Art Vs. Math to help improve marketing in the mortgage industry.

“The mortgage industry continues to struggle to develop creative and relevant marketing content and strategies to stand out from each other,” said Steven Cooley, Art Vs. Mathematics Founder.

Cooley, a former marketing executive at Finance of America Holdings, got his start in the mortgage business as a call center loan officer in their reverse mortgage division. While waiting for his mortgage license, he noticed some improvements in marketing and had the opportunity to use his unique sense to grow their marketing division. He was soon promoted to AVP of Digital Marketing and found great success, which resulted in him being promoted again to Director of Digital Marketing at Finance of America Holdings.

In April 2019, Cooley launched Art Vs. Math, and immediately began working with top ten lenders and some of the most notable tech companies in the industry. Along with agency management, Mortgage Advisor Tools was developed to help mortgage officers learn about new technologies. This effort continues to thrive, and dozens of technology companies are leveraging the platform to expand their marketing reach. Due to their tremendous growth, a new recruit was brought in, Marketing Manager Cheyenne Pauley, a native of Charleston, West Virginia. Cheyenne was part of the horrific Sprout shutdown that displaced hundreds of mortgage professionals.

With this new growth, Art Vs. Math has developed a new website to help mortgage lenders and technology companies better understand product offerings. “We had to take a dose of our own medicine and provide a more concise way to define our products and how we can help our industry overcome its challenges.

“2022 has proven that our services and areas of expertise will be essential, and we’re excited about the new opportunities,” Cooley said. “The new website separates lenders and technology, providing nuanced agency/advisory products that break down their service offerings for each audience. The Core Values ​​product is a workshop that lenders or technology companies can attend to help them define who they are, why they are who they are, and an action plan to reinforce these principles.

He adds, “The company also offers a marketing audit to determine how well a company’s marketing is working. Lenders of all sizes need a marketing resource that fits their budget and will appreciate taking advantage of the Shared Services product. Shared services allow lenders to customize their marketing services to achieve their business goals. »

About the art against. Math:

Art vs. Math wants to help the mortgage industry solve its problems. Whether through strategy development, creativity or one of its product lines, the mortgage industry would be well served to find industry experts to help them achieve their goals. 2022 was one of those years; we have seen massive layoffs, closures and a significant drop in lending volume. There is considerable opportunity to grow your business. “This year it’s all about market share,” says Cooley; whoever sticks in the mind the longest will hold it this year and be positioned for hyper-growth. The other way to put it, check out the header of the website and – Be the obvious choice.

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