Journalist | Corporate job at BJP digital soldier: Haryana IT cell chief who was sacked

The campaign against Yadav came amid controversy sparked by the arrest of co-founder of fact-checking site AltNews, Mohammed Zubair. Social media users accused the BJP leader of hurting the religious feelings of a minority community and argued that if Zubair could be arrested for a 2018 tweet, why not Yadav. He also faced backlash online over a tweet posted last month that his critics said was aimed at hurting the religious sentiments of a minority community.

Although a BJP leader admitted to The Indian Express on the day of Yadav’s dismissal that the Twitter campaign had forced the party to act, officially this provided no reason to remove the 36-year-old from his post. After Nupur Sharma and Naveen Kumar Jindal, Yadav is the third leader the party has taken action against in the past two months for offensive comments about minorities. While Sharma has been suspended, Jindal was expelled from the BJP last month.

Yadav, however, claimed his removal as head of the state’s IT unit was a routine decision. He told The Indian Express: “The party did not mention any reason for releasing me from the mission. So, I’m not really sure if it was due to tweets. But, this (moving party) is a routine exercise. The party can change responsibility at any time. I am a dedicated BJP worker.

Yadav said the tweet that put him in the crosshairs of the anti-BJP crowd on Twitter was from July 2017. He said he had not joined the party at the time. “This tweet was in response to remarks made by a former Samajwadi Party MP in Parliament linking the names of Hindu gods to alcohol,” Yadav said.

The BJP leader said on Thursday “#ArrestArunYadav started trending” on Twitter as part of a “targeted campaign”. He claimed that nationalists and pro-Hindutva like him have been targeted on social media since the Nupur Sharma episode.

“I think it was among the top three trends with over two lakh tweets at any given time,” Yadav said. “People from other political parties started to resent me for my tweets as part of a targeted campaign. Ever since the Nupur Sharma controversy, people like me who advocate and champion nationalist and Hindu causes have been slandered and targeted, especially on Twitter.

The 36-year-old said he completed his MBA in 2009 and after working in multinational corporations as a consultant, he joined the BJP as Head of Haryana IT Cell in October 2018. MBA in 2009. After 2014, many things have changed in terms of the presence of political parties digitally. I had a penchant for politics and moved from the council sector to the party. One of my first assignments for the BJP was the 2019 Assembly by-election in Jind, in which party candidate Krishan Middha won. Over the years, my team and I have coordinated digital campaigns during UP, Punjab and other elections. »

Arun Yadav online profile

Yadav has built an extensive online presence through his work. He has 2.2 million followers on Facebook and six lakh on Twitter, and his task was mainly to keep them engaged on issues related to the BJP agenda and mobilize them against party rivals.

After a series of messages defending “Hindutva” during the recent political crisis in Maharashtra which saw the BJP come to power with a group of Shiv Sena rebels, Yadav on June 30 congratulated the followers of Hindu dharma “Sanatana” and said called the development of Maharashtra a “victory of Hindutva”.

On Sunday, he wrote on Facebook: “There are elections in Rajasthan in 2023. Brave Hindus of Rajasthan, don’t leave Congress in a position where they can even beg. The post received 41,000 likes and over 3,000 comments.

Yadav doesn’t just work online. He has also filed complaints with the police against people he accuses of insulting the Hindu religion. On Monday, he filed a lawsuit in Gurgaon against documentary filmmaker Leena Manimekalai for allegedly insulting the Hindu goddess Kali. Last December, Yadav filed a lawsuit against comedian Munawar Faruqui, accusing him of insulting Hindu gods and goddesses. He asked the police to make sure Faruqui did not perform at the Gurgaon Comedy Festival. Organizers later removed Faruqui from the event, citing “public safety”.

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