Legal Interact Announces Rebranding and Updated Corporate Website, Positioning for Global Reach

Legal Interact, a leading legal technology company, today announced a rebranding of its visual identity and mission that reflects a deep dedication to client success, relationships and global market ambitions. Coinciding with the unveiling of the new brand, Legal Interact launched two new products, Matter Manager and Contract Manager, as well as an updated corporate website ( focused on embodying their desire for clients to experience them in a simpler and more logical way, mirroring their suite of legal technology solutions.

The move from a localized domain to .com further reflects the company’s vision to introduce its solutions to markets beyond South Africa. The rebranding reinforces the company’s position as an industry leader delivering legal technology innovations and unparalleled customer service.

“Our vision is to become a leading global provider of technology solutions for law firms and commercial organizations,” said Raphael Segal, Director of Legal Interact, “and our mission is to provide technology solutions to solve the problems that we identify with our in-depth understanding of the broader legal industry. The rebranding isn’t just cosmetic – we’ve expanded our offering beyond that of law firms to meet the demands of legal advisors. internal and business requirements.

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