Marketing brand suggests ‘automation’ as way to help product managers and marketers drive engagement

Digital marketing is closely linked to technology, although it is not as dependent on it as some people think. People who are not involved in digital marketing are often expected to perceive it as going hand in hand with technology. While this is true to some extent, it is not correct that companies need to adopt significant technological innovations to take advantage of this opportunity. For example, paid search, SEO, and social media advertising require almost no back-end technology to operate. Email marketing and engagement automation require some technology, but it can be bought rather than built. While these solutions are catalysts, they should not be seen as disruptive and transformational in and of themselves. In fact, it’s no secret that digital transformation is more of a mindset than a technology journey, even in marketing. Engagement automation is becoming a powerful tool to digitize marketing in a rapidly changing environment.

Retainly brings automation to the end-to-end operations of real people as an engagement automation platform.

In reality, engagement automation platforms can’t handle everything – many aspects of marketing require manual effort. We thoughtfully built Retainly around this idea, adding features that empower marketers rather than displace them.

It’s the Newage team that stands behind Retainly. Originally created as an in-house gaming and fintech R&D team for an investment fund, Newage was later spun off into an independent company and grew to over 200 employees in the last two years. years. Retainly was developed for internal customers and partners, including one of the largest microcredit companies in Ukraine, to fill functional gaps in third-party marketing tools.

“The adoption of multiple business functions and advanced data storage capabilities” sets it apart from other martech solutions, according to Newage CEO and co-founder Giorgi Aleksidze.

Retainly isn’t meant to replace email marketing automation giants like Hubspot or Mailchimp. It enables small and medium businesses to engage with customers across multiple channels and deliver relevant communication with a higher propensity to convert leads. Retainly supports over twenty integrations with popular marketing tools to automate common customer acquisition and retention processes.

Product managers are often obsessed with adding value to their customers. They are always focused on making roadmap decisions that will keep them coming back.

Here, Retainly has compiled some tips for product and marketing teams to maximize the potential of customer engagement with Retainly.

Develop a better understanding of customers, their needs and pain points.

Retainly aggregates a wealth of data about a user’s audience buying behaviors and patterns related to which customers they attract and which fall out of the buying cycle. Retainly can help them better understand the differences between their customer segments – so they can discover, for example, specific triggers that are more appealing to larger companies or prospects within a particular industry.

Users can contribute to the development of their product roadmap.

Retainly allows users to filter data by business attributes and better understand engagement with their product. This analysis can help them identify critical features for the next sprint and perform A/B testing to determine if a specific feature or integration is needed at a given stage. Retainly allows users to collect product feedback, more accurately tailor messages to customers, and more effectively generate additional sales in the future.

Identify the target audience

Product managers need to communicate regularly with potential customers and prospects to better understand their needs and get first-hand information. Face-to-face meetings sometimes take time or are difficult to organize. Retainy can help identify leads that users/marketers should discuss further opportunities with. For example, to identify people who dropped out of the funnel at a certain stage (e.g. they downloaded a brochure but didn’t respond to other offers) and contact them to understand why they dropped out of the journey.

Improve customer engagement using a wide range of channels

Retainly comes with significantly advanced email monitoring capabilities compared to traditional business email solutions. Special offers, discounts and promotional codes can be distributed via SMS, instant messaging and push notifications, all in a single end-to-end workflow.

While many marketers may call automation sending personalized emails, that’s not exactly the case. That said, it’s a good starting point.

Perhaps the most powerful capability of engagement automation is to help marketers nurture leads by providing them with the right content at the right stage of their journey to ultimately nudge them towards further conversion – a download, purchase or subscription.

Here are the TOP 5 things marketers can achieve with Retainly

1. Improve lead acquisition rates throughout the customer lifecycle.

2. Create personalized and relevant product content faster based on customer behavior.

3. Attract more potential customers through dedicated sales and marketing channels.

4. Streamline drip marketing to nurture leads and move them through the funnel faster.

5. Build customer relationships with comprehensive digital marketing campaigns, transactional messaging, and omnichannel marketing automation.

The key thing to realize is that no engagement automation platform can ever replace any of your important activities, techniques, or frameworks. When used correctly, Retainly can complement and facilitate the work of product and marketing teams.

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