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Charnwood, Sept. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Charnwood, England –

Charnwood, England – Matt G Tarrant, a digital marketer based in Loughborough, England, offers some advice for business owners who think their website isn’t getting enough visitors and leads who could become customers. He cautions against playing Google’s algorithm game because any short-term gains it can bring will immediately stop once Google’s huge team of doctors find the flaw and close it. And if it was the main source of traffic for the company, it will probably suffer from layoffs and even closure. Matt Tarrant suggests site owners avoid trying to game the algorithm and instead provide what Google wants by using the “FAQ Traffic Magnet” technique. More information on this can be gleaned from

The technique has been shown to increase website traffic by 57% by leveraging pages that are already ranking on Google but not on the first page of Google’s search engine results pages. So the first step is to search for these pages. The next step is to go to each of these pages and search for the top three ranking keywords not mentioned on that page using various SEO tools, such as Ahrefs and Semrush. It may seem odd that the page is ranking for keywords that aren’t actually mentioned, but it does happen.

The next step would be to research questions and answers on the discovered keywords. This can easily be done by searching for the keyword. The goal is to find those questions and answers that can be included for that particular page, and then add that FAQ to the bottom of the page.

The next tip after adding the FAQ to the bottom of the page is to create the schema, which is a king of machine-readable text, making it easy for Google to know what the page is about. Using the schema, it is possible to tell Google directly what the FAQ is about. It will save Google a lot of time and it will please Google.

The steps mentioned above will need to be done for each of the pages that the business owner wants to increase in ranking. And then each page should be revisited, possibly every three months and the process repeated, adding more questions and answers. Over time, traffic will increase as people search for answers to their questions. And the good thing about the technique is that Google knows that the site provides answers to people’s questions, which results in a higher ranking for each of those pages. Google will start to increase the ranking of different keywords for each page, which provides more traffic for the site.

Matt Tarrant is keen to emphasize that the technique is not a quick fix but a long-term strategy that will safely increase website traffic. A case study on the technique revealed that website traffic can increase by up to 57% over a period of more than six months.

Additionally, Matt Tarrant offers fast action bonuses for those who subscribe to the Traffic Magnet Done For You FAQ service he offers. These will help convert leads into customers.

Matt Tarrant is a digital marketing expert who demonstrated his unique marketing ability while working for a branch of an American company in Germany. After working as a fellow at CERN, he joined this company in Germany and was surprised to find that the company was losing money. Thanks to his marketing skills, he managed to make the company profitable. The following year, he was able to help the company double its projected net profit. Later, he demonstrated his ability to build online businesses with moderate success. Currently, he specializes in developing profit machines that entrepreneurs can take advantage of.

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