Mohan Beckford

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) represent more than 97% of the island’s corporate taxpayers. The Companies Office of Jamaica (COJ), in 2020, saw a 12% increase in trade names and a 3% increase for businesses over 2019. However, most small businesses don’t know big -thing about operating the digital environment or even about the basics. social media. It’s a problem for small businesses and a significant opportunity for Mohan Beckford, a serial digital entrepreneur with more than 12 years of experience helping businesses in the Caribbean and North America maximize their growth in the world. digital environment.

With a deep understanding of the digital marketing, mobile and web development industries, and driven by his philosophy and desire for business growth and profitability, Beckford wants to see a paradigm shift in the local business landscape and the use of digital technology to transform business.

Determined to pursue his vision, he founded Next Step Digital Solutions (NSDS) in 2017 after seven years of working as a freelancer.

Beckford struggled to establish his business in the early years; a painful experience fueled her desire to help other small business operators have a better experience. Its programs serve to educate, inform and empower MSMEs to succeed.

As a full-service creative and digital marketing agency, NSDS provides creative, innovative and results-driven solutions for businesses. The company explores, executes and elevates its clients’ marketing processes from strategy to execution.

Since its inception, NSDS has helped entrepreneurs expand their customer base in international markets through results-driven marketing initiatives that enable businesses to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. “Small businesses need digital transformation to survive, especially now,” Beckford said.

After years of working with small businesses, it became clear that even though small businesses had invested in some degree of digitization, they were still struggling to optimize the use of platforms to benefit their operations. To bridge this gap, Beckford is extending its expertise to small businesses through digital literacy and consulting. He has invested heavily in learning how best to serve small businesses in an emerging economy.

Beckford’s approach to learning led him to two key elements. The first is the importance of developing an “ecosystem” of tools, people and resources that meet the demands of small business operators. The ecosystem combines the platforms and applications an organization needs daily into a possible single point of access – a problem Beckford has successfully broken down for its customers over the years.

The second is the need for a community that helps small business owners. To that end, Beckford has begun offering business solutions to help small businesses grow and build capacity through its initiatives – Jamaica Small Business Group and Next Step Business Club, which are community-based approaches. These communities have a combined database of over 50,000 local businesses that benefit from Beckford’s expertise and business offerings. It has also created a gateway to Jamaican businesses through an online marketplace and small business directory through which small businesses can register online, free of charge.

With a background in education, Beckford is also a passionate philanthropist invested in giving back. For the past three years, he has offered small businesses digital transformations, which he has recognized as a gap in the business sector.

In the Small Business Digital Transformation Competition, local businesses have the chance to win a digital transformation. This year, a company will win a complete digital transformation, including branding, website and social media management.

Today, Mohan Beckford can boast of his extensive consulting and digital business solutions that have benefited large, medium and small businesses across all industries and territories. Under his leadership, NSDS aims to enhance its prospects for future growth and ensure continued success.

Positioning businesses for success. (Photo: Joe Hudson)

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