Morse Micro Raises $140M in Series B Funding to Accelerate IoT Connectivity and Revolutionize Our Digital Future

SYDNEY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Morse Micro, a fabless semiconductor company reinventing Wi-Fi for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced $140 million in Series B funding. The round was led by MegaChips Corporation, a leading Japan-based ASIC and SoC services company, with participation from existing investors including Blackbird Ventures, Main Sequence Ventures, Clean Energy Finance Corporation, Skip Capital, Uniseed, SpringCapital, Malcolm and Lucy Turnbull and others. .

Morse Micro intends to use the capital raised to revolutionize our digital future by achieving unprecedented scale and demand for its HaLow Wi-Fi technology. It will focus on deepening its offerings, including designing new solutions, while accelerating the go-to-market strategy for its existing HaLow Wi-Fi chips and modules.

A strategic business partnership with MegaChips supports the investment and will usher in a new era for HaLow Wi-Fi across East Asia. In addition to manufacturing Morse Micro’s IEEE 802.11ah compliant semiconductors and modules, MegaChips will provide quality assurance, sales support and new distribution channels to scale across the region. The two companies will also engage in joint sales and promotion activities to expand the market for HaLow Wi-Fi solutions.

“With financial backing from MegaChips and strong manufacturing and sales support, Morse Micro will be well on its way to achieving our goal of revolutionizing IoT connectivity with our growing portfolio of SoCs, modules, software and Wi-Fi development tools. Fi HaLow,” said Michael De Nil, co-founder and CEO of Morse Micro. “With the growing market appeal of HaLow Wi-Fi enabled solutions in the IoT ecosystem, we are at an exciting inflection point. MegaChips shares our vision to revolutionize connectivity and create sustainable HaLow Wi-Fi solutions. We are thrilled to partner with them and the support we have received from all of our investors as we take the next step in our company’s journey to market scale and leadership.

Since its launch in 2016, Morse Micro has focused on long-range, low-power wireless connectivity. Today, its portfolio includes the smallest, fastest and lowest power HaLow Wi-Fi enabled SoCs and modules on the market. With use cases that span the entire IoT ecosystem, from consumer to commercial use, industrial to agricultural, Morse Mirco enables wirelessly connected devices to achieve 10x longer range, covering 100 times the area or 1000 times the volume of traditional Wi-Fi networks.

“MegaChips pursues strategic partnerships and investments with promising startups like Morse Micro that have innovative ideas, cutting-edge applications, and are growing their businesses in areas such as industrial IoT, wireless communications, and heat control. energy,” said Tetsuo Hikawa, President and CEO of MegaChips. Band. “Morse Micro’s visionary leadership team has had a tremendous impact on the Wi-Fi industry, and we expect more great accomplishments to come as we work together to accelerate production and sales of their products. HaLow Wi-Fi headlights.”

Note to Editors: What is HaLow Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi HaLow is the first Wi-Fi standard designed to meet the needs of the IoT, making it a superior alternative to traditional Wi-Fi alternatives and many other wireless technologies.

Wi-Fi HaLow offers a unique combination of capabilities and benefits that other wireless technologies cannot match, such as:

  • Long-range connectivity: Wi-Fi range extends over 1 km from the access point using lower frequencies that better penetrate walls and other obstacles

  • Direct savings: ultra-low power consumption allowing IoT devices to run on battery power for years

  • Ease of use: No need for proprietary hubs or gateways, allowing a single access point to support over 8,000 IoT devices

  • Peace of mind: full support for industry-leading security protocols, including WPA3

About MegaChips Corporation

MegaChips Corporation (Prime Market of the TSE (Tokyo Stock Exchange): 6875) was established in 1990 as the first innovative fabless semiconductor company in Japan and has focused on R&D and developed a unique LSI exploiting proprietary technology. As market needs become increasingly complex due to rapid information technology innovation, we provide complete solutions, from design to development and production of LSI, that fully exploit our analog technologies. unique and original digital signals and our mixed-signal analog/digital technology. While improving existing businesses, we are working to ensure sustainable growth by focusing our managerial resources on launching new businesses targeting the growth areas of industrial equipment, communications, AI, climate control, and more. energy and robotics.

About Morse Micro

Morse Micro is a fast-growing fabless semiconductor company that develops HaLow Wi-Fi solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) market that can reach 10 times the range of conventional Wi-Fi technology and last many years on one battery. The company was founded by Wi-Fi pioneers and innovators, Michael De Nil and Andrew Terry, joined by the original inventor of Wi-Fi, Professor Neil Weste, and wireless industry veterans, whose teams have designed Wi-Fi chips in billions of smartphones. Headquartered in Australia with offices in China, India, UK and USA, Morse Micro’s strong and diverse system team, intellectual property and patent portfolio, enables HaLow Wi-Fi connectivity in the entire IoT ecosystem, from surveillance and access control systems to industrial automation and mobile devices, enabling connected devices to go further.

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