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BEIJING, December 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Joint publication of the Foresight Industry Research Institute and the Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Alliance China AI Digital Commerce Industry Outlook 2021-2025 (“the report”) recently, a report that takes a close look at the performance of AI applications in China. The report noted that emerging AI technologies represented by generative and combinatorial AI have the greatest growth potential and are expected to become the key application technology stack on from China digital commerce industry chain. When considering technology applications, The AI ​​company Moviebook was touted as a key player, with commentary that the stack of generative AI digital twin technologies launched by the company is helping to unlock a new growth market for the digital business sector.

With the acceleration of innovations in integrated and generative technologies alongside artificial intelligence as a core, digital commerce has spawned a new form of industry – AI Digital Commerce. According to the report, The pioneers of the AI ​​digital commerce ecosystem are primarily the leading providers of AI digital business solutions and the business giants engaged in the digital AI ecosystem.

Moviebook has been taken as an example of a leading provider of AI digital business solutions in the report, with a broad range of activities that spans the entire lifecycles of digital business content generation from AI and digital AI services. With established technologies, the company has developed cutting-edge applications in the field of advanced AI technologies such as Generative AI, AI + DT, and AI + Big Data. Alibaba, backed by strong finances and a strong company footprint, is a prime example as a leading business giant engaged in the AI ​​digital commerce ecosystem. The company has advanced AI technologies, a deep presence in the AI ​​digital commerce ecosystem, and business operations spanning segments spanning AI-powered digital content, services and operations.

The report goes on to highlight that digital commerce is a new industrial form based on the continued penetration of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and business upgrading. The market size of from China the main chain of digital commerce industry is expected to reach 166.3 billion yuan (about. US $ 26 billion) in 2021 and 618.8 billion yuan (US $ 97.25 billion) in 2025, with an average annual growth rate of 38.6%, digital commerce is becoming a significant form of business and force in the wake of internet retailing.

AI Digital Commerce leverages AI technologies, including machine learning, natural language and computer vision, to digitally upgrade business models and services, enabling features such as digital content generation, information on user data, virtual scene expansion, virtual customer services, intelligent recommendation and image recovery. These features make business workflow and services visual, interactive, and intelligent, making it easier to market content-based products, lower production costs, and improve workflow efficiency. By 2025, AI technologies are expected to reach an overall penetration rate of 30% in the digital commerce sector, while the size of the AI ​​digital commerce market is expected to reach 185.3 billion yuan (29.12 billion US dollars).

By merging generative and combinatorial AI technologies to extend “production” applications across the industry chain, leading providers of digital business AI solutions, such as Moviebook , are able to deliver significant benefits in terms of cost reduction, efficiency and visualization of business properties, creating a new way of producing digital business content for a better and more controllable digital experience. When it comes to new ways of generating content, traditional content creation methods are expensive and inefficient, and present unstable content output that is often too one-sided and obscure.

Moviebook’s generative AI technology dramatically improves the efficiency of digital commerce content generation, lowers production costs, automates operations, and hits industrialization milestone. When it comes to innovative digital experience, Moviebook’s generative AI-enabled automated digital product creation model is universally applicable to all product SKUs. AI-based media content generation technology can quickly generate visual and interactive digital business content for traditional products, which not only profoundly transforms product displays and consumer experience, but also meets demand. simultaneous transformation of multiple products, forming an integrated digital business model spanning experience, insight and decision-making process.

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Moviebook, a leading provider of AI-powered intelligent video production infrastructure and services, aims to strengthen the monetization capacity of new retail, media, education and culture customers through intelligent vision. Building on technological advantages in the fields of computer vision, computer graphics, among others, Moviebook dramatically improves the efficiency of the production of visual content and innovates in the ways of presenting and interacting with this content. . By applying AI technologies to videos, Moviebook pioneers a wide variety of application scenarios for intelligent video production technologies.

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