Optus partners with Bathurst winner in new job via Emotive

Optus has teamed up with creative agency Emotive and Bathurst winner Chaz Mostert to demonstrate the potential of the Optus 5G network.

The announcement:

To demonstrate the power and speed of the Optus 5G network, Optus has teamed up with Walkinshaw’s Bathurst winner Andretti United and current fastest lap record holder, Chaz Mostert.

Harvey Wright, Head of 5G at Optus, said: “We are extremely excited to showcase the future potential of Optus 5G through our new partnership with WAU. “

Lucio Ribeiro, Associate Director of Innovation Optus, said: “This exciting showcase has demonstrated how 5G will be a critical enabler for other technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, virtual reality and augmented reality. Optus seeks to actively partner with the local start-up community, agencies and publishers involved in these technologies.

Alongside a 15-inch TVC featuring Bathurst winner Chaz Mostert, Optus created a bespoke remote-controlled racing activation in Bathurst.

Activation combined technology from Amazon Web Services with the ultra-reliable low latency, high response and high bandwidth of Optus 5G to give racing enthusiasts a chance to compete in five laps via a remote control with a touch – the drivers could not see their cars.

Jim McGorty, Director of Brand Activations, said: “Every part of the race relied on the speed of 5G.

From acceleration to steering, and even the driver’s view on the track. Everything was connected in real time. We had pilots running 200 km away in real time at an Optus store in central Sydney and we had hundreds of customers driving in Bathurst. “


Client: Optus
Marketing Director: Melissa Hopkins
Sponsorship and Retail Director: Ben Lawless-Jennings
Associate Director, Network and Brand Marketing: Adam Burling
Head of brand engagement, marketing and sponsorship: Jodie Archibald
Associate Director, Innovation: Lucio Ribeiro
Senior Director, 5G Innovation: Kate Dalby
Main technical specialist: Marcin Wierzbicki
Building Architect: Benjamin Johnson
Marketing graduate: Zac Sullivan

Creative agency: emotional
CEO: Simon Joyce
Creative Director: Grant McAloon
Responsible for design: Dan Mortensen
Creators: Tim Evans and Samantha Jones
Director of Brand Activations: Jim McGorty
Main producer: Aly Jolly
Filming and Photography: Leo Townsend
Editing: Adam Eden

Source: Emotional Press Release

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