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Digital Wealth Management System Set to Launch in October

Digital technologies and innovations continue to support and accelerate the progress of societies. It paved the way for improved connectivity and communication and easy access to finance, trade and public services. The more daily tasks and activities are digitized, the more essential it is to seek the protection of digital assets and memories. Fortunately, Legacy Suite will soon be available to help preserve everyone’s digital life with a safe, secure and sustainable platform.

Legacy Suite brings a digital revolution enabling its users to protect their assets in an ultimate digitized arena. They firmly adhere to the belief that every type of content is invaluable. Whether it’s photos, videos, account credentials, vital documents, or a pile of digital files, every file needs to be kept safe and easily accessible to its owners. “We help you organize, create and secure essential information to safeguard your digital life,” added the Legacy Suite team.

Almost everything these days has a digital counterpart, and as more and more online platforms emerge, digital assets continue to rise alongside them. With ever-increasing digital consumption, Legacy Suite has taken the opportunity to take ownership and inspire change in traditional estate planning. Through their platform, digital assets can now be stored with guidelines for the future.

By October 2022, Legacy Suite will officially launch its digital wealth management system that spans physical and digital assets, ensuring that each legacy will be truly passed on as intended by the owner.

Dubbed EstateTech, it’s Legacy Suite’s revolutionary estate planning and beneficiary management system. Their digitized solution is to streamline the legacy transfer process for all physical and digital assets, sharing critical information only with beneficiaries and centralized digital asset custodians, social platforms and even Crypto/NFT exchanges. This user-friendly platform helps create a last will not only for physical assets, but also for digital assets, especially Blockchain assets.

The Legacy Suite platform allows users to create their will, start a digital vault, store memories, and select a digital executor. As they say, preserving a person’s legacy is the lifeblood of business.

Start protecting those digital assets and memories today. Preserve that legacy and prepare for the future with Legacy Suite. Learn more about them by visiting their website at

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Legacy Suite is a rising platform determined to reframe digital utility by providing a safe, simple, and sustainable way to preserve digital assets.

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