Snapchat Launches New Spotted Lens Promotion for ‘House of the Dragon’

Yes, I know you were burned by the last season of Game of Thrones, in which your favorite character did something so inexplicable that it ruined all seven seasons or the previous development, to the point that you can barely bear looking at a map of Westeros never again

But Game of Thrones is set to make a comeback, albeit in a different form, with the prequel “House of the Dragon” premiering on HBO this weekend.

And past traumas aside, it could be fine (George RR Martin says it’s a lot more in line with his original vision), and anyway, we’ll see these incredible dragons on TV again.

That’s the focus of the latest Snapchat campaign, which lets Snap users transform into dragons through various AR activations in the app’s Lens tools.

What looks pretty cool – but even more interesting, from a social media marketing perspective, is this element of the latest HBO/Snap campaign:

Snap and HBO Max have also coordinated with members of Snap’s Lens Network around the world to create custom Landmarker AR experiences in their local markets. This is the first partnership to associate a brand with a diverse group of lens makers globally. »

House of the Dragon Snap Lens

In what could be a new consideration for large-scale launches, or even for smaller brands looking to collaborate with a range of designers in different regions, Snap has facilitated a new global partnership, with various lens manufacturers, to enable new forms of location engagement with these Lens activations.

“In order to execute the campaign, HBO Max provided the objective creators with AR resources for each dragon to build the new Landmarker objectives. Each Lens Creator has personally selected the location of their individual Landmarker lens, bringing a powerful local element to this global campaign.

Lenses will be available at the following locations once the show has started:

  • Los Angeles – Venice Beach Grand Canals, built by Francis Chen
  • Rio De Janeiro – Statue of Princess Isabel, built by Vitulo & Co
  • London – Tower Bridge, built by Clara Bacou
  • Chennai – Sankagiri Fort, built by RBKavin Studio
  • Mumbai – CST Station (IE Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus), built by Mohnish Raut and Persica Picardo
  • Prague – Charles Bridge, built by Inna Horobchuk

Additionally, activations will evolve throughout the season, with new dragons appearing in the series becoming available in these screens as well.

This is an interesting extension of the usual Lens campaign approach, with the more localized approach potentially helping to improve engagement and involve even more Snap users in the show.

Which, as noted, might be a tough sell – but again, if the show is really good, it might help take away at least some of the bad taste left in fans’ mouths after the terrible season finale of Game Of Thrones.

And from a digital marketing perspective, it could highlight a new way to work with Snap’s growing network of creators to create experiences that are more inclusive, regionally relevant and engaging.

Over 250,000 Lens Creators have already built over 2.5 million Lenses using Snap’s “Lens Studio” AR creation tool. That’s a lot of potential for wider integrations via Snap campaigns.

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