Startup Marketing – A Step-by-Step Digital Marketing Guide for Funded Startups

With time and the help of experts, one can reap the benefits of digital marketing, says our guest author.

Your new business is up and running, but how do you announce your presence to the world? How to make yourself visible and tell your story when you don’t have the funds to launch a full-fledged advertising campaign? This is where digital marketing comes in to make your life easier.

Digital marketing helps you use smart technology to expand your reach and engage with the target audience with optimal use of your available resources. With the proliferation of smartphones and cheap internet data, spreading information has become quite easy. Today we have over 700 million internet users and over 600 million smartphones in India, which gives you a good idea of ​​the size of the potential audience.

All you need is a structured process. When it comes to startups, one size certainly doesn’t fit all and one startup can be as different from another as chalk and cheese. This is a step-by-step digital marketing guide.

The objectives set – Every business needs customers to survive, and to acquire customers you need to develop a brand image.

The two main priorities of any new startup would be to create brand exposure and acquire new customers. You can use a variety of strategies to engage with your target audience, share your story, and describe your offerings, the value you offer them, and how you’re different from others in the same industry. The goal is for more people to know your brand and recognize your logo when they see it.

If customer acquisition is your top priority, you’ll need to design a separate strategy that can grab viewers’ attention. To help you achieve this goal, you’ll need to be backed up with smart design, great copy, and a call-to-action that will compel the audience to take action and push the button, literally!

Identify your target audience – It is important for you to determine: the value added by your product or service, how you are different from others in the market, your target audience, why the customer should prefer you to others and whether your business is B2B or B2C.

Once you have identified your target audience, you can tailor your digital marketing strategy to their needs.

Set up your brand website – You will need to set up your online presence by creating your own web address.

A website is the business card you present to the world. It is a very powerful marketing tool that helps you connect with your target audience. If you can’t manage a professional website, you might consider starting with a landing page that offers a snapshot of your startup. You can use this page to connect with your audience and sell your products or services.

You should pay special attention to your domain name as it becomes your brand identity and helps you establish your presence on all platforms. Google ads are commonly used to increase traffic to websites. Search Engine Optimization is a must to improve the visibility of your website through various search engines like Google, Yahoo!, etc. Investing time and resources in SEO can pay rich digital marketing dividends as it helps drive traffic to your site using keywords, quality content, tags and backlinks .

Create a presence on social networks and be visible

Social media platforms provide a powerful platform for building a strong web presence, structuring a brand identity, engaging with your target customers, effectively communicating your message and leveraging your brand awareness.

It is not necessary to create an account on all platforms. You can choose the target audience’s preferred platforms. For example, if you sell a fintech solution, LinkedIn can be a great platform for you.

On the other hand, if you sell products related to food, lifestyle, fashion, health, home, etc., platforms like Instagram and Facebook would be more effective. Twitter ads can be used to build brand awareness and drive followers to your website. You can use celebrities and influencers to promote your product on social media with a well-designed campaign.

Email can be a powerful tool

Did you know that every dollar spent on email marketing can generate over $44 in revenue? A simple form on your landing page can help you collect the email addresses of people who visit your site. You can use email communication to share information about your offers with them.

Create eye-catching content

Visually appealing content with a great concept, design, and great copy can make a really good impression on the audience. Rich and original content stands out and grabs the attention of target customers. Regularly updated blogs on your website that offer interesting information about your offerings will keep your audience engaged.

Build a strong customer service program

Speech travels rapidly in the virtual universe. If you provide bad service, it will reach the world in minutes via Twitter. Consider the alternative situation when you’re going all out to delight a customer. You can be sure that the client will share it on social networks. Good publicity never hurts, and having a good customer service program will be great publicity for your business.

Invest in talent – build a great team

If you want to succeed in the startup world, you’ll need a great team. Identify appropriate methods for employing the right talents and make an effort to retain them. Create the image of a good employer who cares about you. Having a good team is priceless when starting a new business and venturing into uncharted waters.

Use the right indicators to assess your performance

Anything that cannot be measured cannot be improved. When embarking on your startup adventure, it’s important to experiment and measure the results at every stage. Careful tracking using the right KPIs will give you a fair idea of ​​how well you are tracking and if you need a mid-course change.

Mastering digital marketing cannot be done overnight. However, with time and the help of experts, you can reap the benefits of digital marketing that will help you get your bearings and solidify your presence as a brand with purpose. All it takes is the right attitude, an experimental mindset, and a firm belief that a good digital marketing strategy is bound to deliver great results.

The author is the business manager of Team Pumpkin, a Mumbai-based digital marketing agency.

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