Summit Daily News appoints Nicole Miller as new editor

Nicole Miller will take over as Editor of the Summit Daily News after serving as Editor-in-Chief since May 2019.
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Nicole Miller has been appointed editor of the Summit Daily News after serving as the newspaper’s editor since May 2019. She will continue to oversee the news division as editor, and Summit Daily is actively seeking hiring. an editor in chief.

Miller rose through the ranks of local Colorado news, beginning her career as an editor at Steamboat Pilot & Today, where she became page designer, copy bureau chief and associate editor. Miller first worked at Steamboat with former Summit Daily editor Meg Boyer, who died on December 25, 2021, after a three-year battle with brain cancer.

Having worked intermittently with Boyer for 15 years, returning to the editor role soon after his death was bittersweet for Miller.

“There’s no question that it’s bittersweet for me,” Miller said. “I’m so sad we’ve lost Meg and not having her leadership in our newsroom, and I just know I’m going to have some really big shoes to fill.”

Those who worked with Miller are confident that she will carry on Boyer’s spirit and passion for local journalism as the head of Summit Daily.

“Meg really took Nicole under her wing in her role as editor of the Summit Daily,” said Sam Johnston, former editor of the Aspen Times. “I think for Meg to be able to watch someone she thought was so talented and able to come up through the ranks and then be able to really stand up for her to fill Meg’s job, that was really special for Meg. It was like coming full circle for her.

Johnston, who also helped support the Summit Daily, said Boyer believed Miller had done all she could to put herself in a position to be successful as a publisher.

“She would have a huge smile on her face to see this from start to finish,” said Johnston. “She was able to work with Nicole, help mentor Nicole, take Nicole under her wing and ultimately do what Meg has done best, which is to raise people to their best, and I think that’s where Nicole is now. “

When Boyer took a leave of absence and then retired in September 2021, Johnston said Miller had stepped up and taken responsibility for the newspaper’s operations in every way he could.

“It was really fun to see Nicole come naturally into this role to support Meg, and I think that’s also what really helped Meg say she’s ready to do it,” said Johnston.

Scott Stanford, who oversees the Colorado and Utah divisions of Swift Communications under the new owner of the company, also previously worked with Miller at Steamboat and said she was extremely hardworking and determined to grow professionally. He also said that Boyer’s confidence in her made him support Miller as an editor.

“Nicole has basically been in a leadership position in Summit County since Meg had to step down, and I think she’s done a terrific job, and I think she’s going to do really well,” Stanford said. “What Meg Boyer taught me about leadership is you have to hire the right people and then give them the opportunity to put their talents to use. “

Stanford has said the best part of his career has been watching the people he has worked with, like Miller, “blossom into stars” in the news industry.

“There’s nothing Nicole can’t do,” Stanford said. “Now she’s really going to lead a whole bunch of people and develop those leadership skills, and that’s a great opportunity for her. “

Miller said she was eager to learn more about all of Summit Daily’s activities in her new role. Miller said that Boyer’s passion for community journalism and love for her community are the two most important characteristics of a publisher that she hopes to continue.

“When I was talking to Meg, one of the things she told me that really interested me in the job was just that she felt she could have a bigger impact on community journalism as a ‘publisher and help fund and support community journalism, “Miller said.” That’s what really inspired me to take an interest in this role. “

The Summit Daily News has seen a number of other staff changes in recent months, with several reporters moving to the Front Range. Former sports editor Antonio Olivero is associate opinion editor at The Gazette, former associate editor Sawyer D’Argonne is mission editor at Denver7 and former engagement editor digital Taylor Sienkiewicz is Head of Digital Marketing at Active Interest Media.

Summit Daily Advertising Director Eric Groves has also been appointed Regional Advertising Director for the Summit, Granby and Steamboat newspapers.

The Summit Daily Newsroom is hiring a reporter, digital editor, and editor. For more information or to apply, email [email protected]

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