Taylor University Promotes Ann June Lee to Digital Marketing Manager

Taylor’s University has promoted Ann June Lee to digital marketing manager. Lee (pictured) has worked at Taylor for more than five years and previously served as deputy director of digital marketing. She started as a digital UX analyst at Taylor’s.

The Taylor University spokesperson said A+M that Lee will now be responsible for leading a team that oversees the strategic direction and development of all digital assets and marketing technologies owned by Taylor University and Taylor’s College, such as websites, social media, CRM, automation and marketing data. She will also lead a community engagement team and digital writers who work closely with the Taylor community. Its vision is to further drive innovation to deliver a consistent and personalized customer experience through martech and salestech initiatives.

The spokesperson also said Lee recognizes that digital and technology is the way forward for marketing, and she has taken on roles spanning user experience and customer-centric design. Previously, she led strategy, development and operations for the website and digital assets of Taylor’s University and Taylor’s College.

Prior to joining Taylor’s, Lee worked for event management company Olygen as a strategic marketing manager, where she created and executed marketing activities for IT events company BIGIT in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore , the Middle East and Australia. Taylor University also provided that Lee leads digital marketing initiatives to promote computer-related conferences and exhibitions in all ESA countries. She also managed BIGIT’s social media accounts, as well as online and promotional strategies for BIGIT.

Prior to joining Olygen, she worked at DIA Brand Consultants as a Senior Brand Associate for over a year. She took care of the management of her projects and her clients.

Taylor University was established in 1969 and offers a variety of courses in higher education, ranging from diploma, diploma, postgraduate and professional programs. Courses taught are in areas including Medicine, Pharmacy, Biosciences, Architecture, Computer Science, Engineering, Surveying, Law, Business, Communications, Design, Performing Arts , hospitality, tourism and the culinary arts.

Additionally, Taylor University has shed light on deep and controversial topics. In April, he launched a Hari Raya film in April, titled Sadaka, around the theme of helping the poorest through an education in accordance with the paradigm of charity. Sadaqah, which translates to charity, is about helping people in need, said Ben Foo, CMO of Taylor. In 2021, in collaboration with Deepavali, he decided to explore the harsh realities plaguing Malaysian communities when it comes to education.

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