The Metaverse is the Future of Digital Marketing: Satish Kumar Malhotra

Springfit is one of the leading luxury mattress brands in India. Run by two generations of entrepreneurs, Springfit is one of the fastest growing mattress brands in India, holding a strong product leadership position. Based in Delhi, VFI has 5 manufacturing plants spread over a combined area of ​​30 acres, with a total production capacity of 4 lakh mattresses per year. Springfit manufactures all of its mattresses and major components such as foam, springs, etc., in-house.

Good sleep is an underestimated concept in the Indian household, but Springfit mattress for 14 years has been making a constant effort to educate people about the importance of good sleep. It innovates in sleep solutions through its range of mattresses and pillows. To raise awareness of the need and importance of good sleep, Springfit recently announced actress Kareena Kapoor as their brand ambassador.

Speaking to Adgully for their marketing minds column, Satish Kumar Malhotra, Sales and Marketing Manager, Springfitspoke about the importance of sleep and how they continue to innovate and bring new products to market with consumer health requirements in mind.

There are several brands from the organized and unorganized sectors fighting for their market share. How do Springfit mattresses bring this differentiation in their products to account?

The mattress industry is currently divided between organized and unorganized sectors. While it is dominated by the unorganized sector, we are now witnessing a shift towards the organized sector. It shows the evolution of a more conscious buyer who is willing to pay for impeccable quality. They are also digitally intelligent, using technology to meet all their needs.

Every industry faces fierce competition, and the Indian mattress industry is no exception. To make our brand and our products stand out, we put quality and the needs of our customers first. Springfit has been working to introduce CertiGaurd, an antibacterial mattress, helping people maintain safety and hygiene standards. We have international technology like Certipure, Certigard and Areo Sleep that none of the other brands have.

Tell us about your innovations. What are some of the breakthrough products you’ve introduced that will help your audience?

We are always working on something new and innovative to improve the quality of our products. We use state-of-the-art technologies such as Aero Sleep technology, innovative foams and the Coil system. We have a smart mattress, IO Sleep, based on Sleepcell Motion Adjust technology, which analyzes sleep and monitors heart rate, breathing, movement and much more. Using the latest technology, the company has improved the properties and qualities of natural latex, well known for its better air ventilation, resistance to movement and organic properties that make it the best option for people. To further our quest for innovation, we have launched India’s first fitness mattress, the Super Active Mattress series. This is the first time in India that a company in this segment has launched a product that promises to not only provide consumers with the most pleasant sleep experience possible, but also help them stay fit and healthy. be.

What inspired you to align yourself with Karena Kapoor as a brand ambassador? How does it fit into the overall Springfit brand personality?

Good sleep has been an undervalued concept in the Indian household, but the Springfit mattress for 14 years has been making a consistent effort to educate people about the importance of good sleep, for physical and mental well-being and, therefore, innovates and promotes sleep solutions through its range of mattresses and pillows. As we searched for a brand ambassador, we focused on a face that could identify with our motto and help us spread the right message among the masses. Kareena Kapoor Khan is not only a youth icon, but also a fitness enthusiast who thinks getting the right sleep pattern is important for a healthy state of mind.

Why are you planning to enter the Metaverse space and what will your strategy be and how will you excite your audience?

We run several digital marketing campaigns to connect and interact with our customers. As our clientele is technologically savvy and digitally engaged, they use the internet to acquire anything from a needle to vehicles. Initially, we plan to let customers and our market associates see our products and our display system, known as the Springfit Lounge. This will give them the opportunity to virtually interact with our team. The Metaverse is the future of digital marketing because it has the ability to interact with a much larger audience across geographic boundaries and time limitations.

How will you engage with your audience and leverage the appointment of Kareena Kapoor Khan as brand ambassador?

We intend to create a 360 degree media strategy, we will soon launch our TVC, Print Ads or Radio spots campaign to promote this collaboration. This association will allow us to connect with people from all over India and beyond. Kareena Kapoor Khan has a large fan base; people listen and follow her, and through this association, we hope to raise awareness of people’s sleeping habits and hygiene, as well as bring Springfit to every home in India. All of Springfit’s marketing campaigns revolve around the brand’s motto, which is to sleep well. This helps us reach the target audience, promote our product and educate our customers. So, rather than just saying it, we believe in expressing it through creativity, our message and products for our consumers connect easily with our campaigns.

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