The Three Social Engineering Hacks Your Business Should Prevent Now

AUSTIN, TX, September 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Since 2020, Google has identified and removed 2 million websites for launching phishing attacks, an army of malicious websites that Cisco says affected 86% of all global businesses. In the current environment, Integris warns companies to prepare for these three types of new attacks:

#1: False but realistic requests

Hackers can research your business well enough to impersonate a potential new customer or an existing supplier in your system. They will ask you to upload their RFP or enter their new banking information into your system so they can pay your final bill. With just a few clicks, your employees could download a worm into your system or open your bank account to thieves.

How to fix it:

Require research on the person or business before responding to the request.

#2: Social Media Extortion

Most people know not to put their contact details and emails on social media accounts that are set to “public”. This information is all a hacker needs to create an account on behalf of your employee on harmful websites, such as child pornography sites. Hackers can use this “evidence” to trick employees into giving up their corporate passwords.

How to fix it:

Teach employees to only use in-app messaging on social media sites and never give out their personal or work emails.

#3: AI-Assisted Spoofing

Hackers can sample your CEO’s voice using artificial intelligence technology, then use that sample to call your accounts receivable department. “Add this new supplier to the system and transfer that money,” they can say, sounding exactly like your CEO. When employees realize that your CEO didn’t make that call, the money will disappear without a trace.

How to fix it:

Ask for code words, account numbers, or other forms of two-factor verification. No exceptions.

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