Twin Dragon refreshes corporate image to reflect circular future – Sourcing Journal

Twin Dragon Marketing, Inc. (TDMI) unveiled a new corporate identity and website.

The goal of the rebranding is to create a look that reflects TDMI’s present and future as a sustainable global multi-source textile solution and to better communicate the company’s breadth of expertise.

“TDMI is proud of its new logo, as the symbol not only reflects our new image and evolution, but also relates to our mission of conserving resources, contributing to the circular economy and manufacturing sustainably,” said Dominic Poon, CEO of the company.

The logo consists of two abstract dragons shaped in a circle facing opposite directions. At the surface level, the logo depicts the TDMI name, but it also recalls yin and yang and a recycling motif. Poon said the design symbolized “the balance of our production capabilities on both sides of the world and our dedication to sustainability and circularity, respectively”.

“The rebrand is a revitalized image of who we are and what we strive to achieve: to create the cleanest denim in the world while remaining committed and dedicated to providing the best possible products and service to our customers” , did he declare.

A global footprint also requires a strong digital presence – a lesson all denim factories learned quickly during the pandemic when in-person meetings came to a halt.

“The pandemic has really underscored the importance of having updated branding and online messaging,” Poon said. “It made us realize how important and effective it was to deliver our message virtually. We found it was faster to tell our sustainability story using digital communication, which prompted us to rethink our website and image redesign. We wanted to align our image with the products and services we offer; it was actually a great catalyst for our rebranding journey.

The new TDMI website


TDMI’s new website features concise information about its factories, social responsibility, sustainable ingredients and details about its latest fabric collections.

With factories in China, Vietnam and Mexico, TDMI’s environmental impact is global. For its Fall/Winter 2023-2024 collection, the company is increasing its use of fibers such as lyocell and decreasing its use of cotton to reduce water consumption at the cultivation stage. The company also uses better dyes to create more productive washes using less water in the process.

“This procedure uses fewer chemicals and releases no hazardous releases into the environment,” Poon said. “We are also proud of the new finishing techniques that take washing efficiency to the highest level, which ultimately translates into less energy consumption.”

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