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Hello traders, and can you do these two things for me?

First of all, I will continue to return to the theme of coming back several times this year. The expression “new normal” is already worn out. But we are actually faced with marketers And Customers are adjusting to a world where they can go back to old ways, but they can keep many of the new ways.

Brands like Cynosure have discovered that virtual events have such benefits. You are unlikely to revert to your previous head-to-head strategy. They evolve. Customers accustomed to shopping and shopping online won’t give up, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be returning to a store or restaurant. The importance of physically close customers is back.

Aspects of these stories are described below. But what’s the second thing I want you to do? Download a new MIR Enterprise SEO platform. You know what you want to do.

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How to virtually reshape the meaning of attracting viewers

When laser and RF technology brand Cynosure’s live events team closed in March 2020, it launched a brand new virtual events division, Cynosure University, to stay in touch with customers. Josh Smith, national director of field marketing at Cynosure, initially expected the effort to last six weeks, but said the webinar and virtual event were still open and scheduled for more. ..

According to Smith, the live events team not only benefits from its ability to attract new customers, but also provide resources to existing customers. When medical practice using devices brings in new employees, they now have a comprehensive library of content to reference them.

RD Whitney, CEO of 365 Media and co-founder of the Virtual Events Institute, has been working on virtual events for over a decade. He said the combination of technical limitations and a lack of understanding of how to effectively handle virtual events had prevented them from achieving these possibilities in the past.

Whitney said virtual events can provide ongoing engagement and organizations can leverage it. Information from the roundtable that follows the presentation can be included in the content presented online, giving virtual participants a unique opportunity to provide similar feedback.

Smith said he was sold with the power of virtual events. “Virtual events have proven to be very effective, so I think every business should really consider implementing virtual events as part of their marketing strategy,†he said.

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SEO practices are continually complicated to cover many more considerations than those enjoyed by SEOs in the era of the “10 Bluelinks”. SEO today includes everything from content marketing and delivery to user experience, and as search engines are continually changing the way results are displayed and pushing them to other media such as assistants. voice, they collect research information. And even the central task of interpretation becomes more and more difficult.

Google has over 1,200 unique features (up from 810 in previous counts) such as Knowledge Graph, Direct Answers, FAQs, etc. for search engine results pages, seoClarity estimates, each of a specific type. Search or listen to your search. Intention. Of course, not all of them are displayed at the same time, and some are actually very rare. In total, only 200 of those 1,200 features were found with more than 0.2% keywords, according to a seoClarity survey.

Needless to say, these features affect how users respond to search results, what they click, or if they click. Nielsen Norman’s Line-of-Sight tracking survey found that different types of searches generate different layouts and different types of display, so users need time to process SERPs before making a decision. .

All of these changes increase the need for business SEO tools that help marketers identify where pages are displayed (especially those special features) and identify opportunities for optimization. On the flip side, established SEO best practices like keyword research, page level analytics, backlink tracking and fetching, and ranking tracking are still very important even when l he environment continues to change.

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Mailchimp Responds to Customer Requests for New Email Templates

Mailchimp, an email marketing and marketing automation platform for small businesses, today announced the release of a new email template, one of the most up-to-date updates. requested by its customers. Templates can be customized by marketers without the need for coding skills.

We asked Joni Deus, Vice President of Strategic Partnership and Application Market at Mailchimp, about the importance of publishing to Mailchimp customers. “When someone buys an email template and forwards it to Mailchimp, they need to know how to code to download that template, but that’s not necessarily included in the skills of the small business owner. Not necessarily. Customers can now buy new templates right in Mailchimp and use them right away, saving them time when they need it most. “

Why do you care? As Deus went on to say, “The marketing environment for small business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs has changed rapidly over the past year. Digital marketing has also leveled the competition in several ways, giving SMEs the opportunity to go head-to-head against large competitors. Physical presence and geographic location are not the automatic advantages of the past.

But as long as SMEs have digital assets to take advantage of the web, email, and other touchpoints, the market will stabilize. Mailchimp seems to be contacting them here.

Uberall Acquires Moment Feed to Expand Global Reach

Uberall, a locally-driven digital marketing platform, is expanding its reach by agreeing to acquire MomentFeed, a leading California-based competitor, a proximity search optimization provider.

Berlin-based Uberall currently serves more than 1,600 multi-site businesses in 170 countries, enabling consumers to search locally on Google Maps, Apple Maps, Facebook and more, including Yelp and TripAdvisor. We also offer a “nearby” experience on our SEO site. The integrated entity manages the digital presence of more than 1.35 million offices. Their customers include BP, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and KFC.

Uberall and MomentFeed have a similar business vision and a suite of complementary products. Uberall’s platform facilitates the customer experience across online and offline touchpoints. MomentFeed’s proximity search optimization tools are used in the food service, retail, automotive and hospitality industries.

Why do you care? With the reopening of the United States, consumers are renewing their in-store experience while continuing to research, explore and shop online. Large multi-site brands and small local businesses aim to better manage online / offline travel for customers nearby.

A powerful ‘nearby’ digital strategy is an important addition to softer local outreach initiatives to attract local customers, such as local event booths and local sports team sponsors.

Quote of the day

“The best shopping journey map I have ever seen. »Ed Broy, Marketing Director, aprimo

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Virtual events and local marketing: the daily brief for Thursday Source link Virtual events and local marketing: the daily brief for Thursday


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