Vodafone and Bayer rolled out private 5G in a German greenhouse

Vodafone has deployed a private 5G network in a Bayer greenhouse in Monheim, Germany, to improve its insecticide research. The network will support advanced tools such as autonomous robots, artificial intelligence and digital imagery.

“Networked digital technologies will make plant production in research and agriculture more sustainable and efficient and increase crop yields for the food supply,” said Alexander Saul, Head of Customer Enterprises at Vodafone Germany. “The basis for this is the 5G network with high bandwidths and extremely short response times to handle the amount of data generated by the transport and reliably maintain the flow of information.”

Along with autonomous robots, which the companies say can gain insight into plant health faster using artificial intelligence and digital imagery, the rollout involves a series of 5G antennas. The antennas provide the greenhouse with a standalone 5G connection, a service that Vodafone brands as 5G+.

Providing reliable and fast connectivity in this particular location is no easy task. The greenhouse covers 11,000 square meters and “consists of 133 chambers in which a wide variety of climatic conditions can be individually simulated, such as temperature and humidity, day length, temperature profiles and air filtration. ‘air,” the companies explained.

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